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Looking for employment? WE’RE ON THE JOB!

Job Seekers

Here is the process to get you enrolled and keep you employed:

1.  Enroll in our database.  This takes about thirty (30) minutes and is your way of telling the world about you and your skills.  Take your time, make sure you enter phone numbers and email addresses correctly.  Enter in your personal information, like your name, address, phone number and email.  Then enter your job history, enter five (5) prior jobs, the ones where you used the skills you enjoy most.  It's okay to leave off a job you didn't like (because of the boss or the drive or the pay) , but don't leave off a job where you used your favorite skills.


2.  Click FIND A JOB.  By clicking FIND A JOB, you are igniting our "proprietary matching tool" ("Tool") to immediately match match you with employers looking for employees now.  You will get a text or email from our Tool with the contact information of three employers who need your help now.  Text them, call them, email them and you are on your way to getting a job you love.


3.  You receive a text or email or phone call.  By being enrolled in our database, employers who need employees right now may reach out to you asking if you want work.  How does that sound?  Employers calling you for work!

Simple.  Easy.  Stay employed.  Find new work.  Find work closer to home.  Find the right kind of work.  Find work paying you more than ever before.  If you're  employed in a great job today, update your profile to "Unavailable" and employers will not contact you for work.  But if that changes, sign back on to our website, update your profile to "Available" and get ready for employers to call you.

We have the database of the employers you are seeking

  • Enroll in our database

  • Click "FIND A JOB" 

  • Or, have employers contact you directly with work they have now

Enroll now, enter your personal information and your job history.......that's it!  Simple.

In thirty (30 minutes, you will be part of the fastest growing growing database of employees and employers in the US.  The data base has the right employers, who need the skills you have and they need you now.

Still have Questions?
                     Check out this informational video and learn more!

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